What are the benefits of baby massage?

Benefits of Baby Massage include:

Improved sleep, reduction in crying, relief of discomfort from teething or chest or sinus congestion, relief from colic and reflux.

Improved sleep.

Improved sleep is what most parents are thinking about! Baby massage has been shown to help regulate sleep patterns. Most infants will sleep for longer periods following massage and experience longer periods of deep sleep.

Relief of discomfort.

Massage is a natural way to relieve pain and discomfort by releasing natural endorphins in the body. Conditions such as teething, wind, colic, reflux and pain from difficult birth can all be alleviated. Massage can also reduce the symptoms of eczema.

Reduced crying.

Babies who receive regular baby massage have been shown to cry less. Massaged infants show an increase of natural dopamine levels in the body that can improve mood and happy feelings.


It is a lovely bonding activity for you and your infant to do. This massage time is dedicated time to relax together with all the added benefits of massage.

Benefits for parents.

Research has shown that giving massage to infants can help the adult to feel less anxiety. Infant massage reduces stress hormone levels in children and parents.

Immune system.

Strengthen the immune system. Baby Massage has been shown to help infants give their natural immunity a boost by increasing the white blood cells in the blood.


Massage increases infant body awareness and the development of co-ordination. Skin stimulation effects and speeds up brain and nervous system development.

Special Needs.

Infants/children with additional or special needs can also benefit from the many positive aspects of massage. Little Loves’ infant massage instructor Jo has many years experience of working with people with special needs and can show you any adaptation to massage strokes if needed.

Low birth weight babies.

Studies have shown that low weight babies benefit from massage and increased weight gain due to the stimulation of a nerve that controls certain areas in the body, one being the digestive system.